Stake it here on the FOMO Cardano Stake Pool where we strive for 99.99% uptime to ensure reliability on your behalf.

No need to run your own servers to participate on the Cardano blockchain. In order to attract new stakers, we are charging 0% fees! This means you will receive 100% of your remuneration.  

Depending on your wallet, choose pool “FOMO” or : 6268cc4f99059ad14d229a97b72ae8327b444b8887e2ca55f9df27b2 to delegate your ADA stake.

Fees: 0 % / Fixed fees : 340 ₳ / Epoch ( minimum set by Cardano network parameters )
  • We have kept the FOMO stake fee at 0% for the life of the pool but in the future it may be necessary to increase fees as high as 1% to help offset the cost of operating the FOMO stake pool servers.