Stake it here on the FOMO Cardano Stake Pool. Our pool is built on highly available cloud servers to ensure reliability on your behalf.

No need to run your own servers to participate on the Cardano blockchain. In order to attract new stakers, we are charging 0% fees! This means you will receive 100% of your remuneration.  

Depending on your wallet, choose pool “FOMO” or : 6268cc4f99059ad14d229a97b72ae8327b444b8887e2ca55f9df27b2 to delegate your ADA stake.

Fees: 0 % / Fixed fees : 340 ₳ / Epoch ( minimum set by Cardano network parameters )
  • In six months, fees may increase to as high as 1% to help offset the cost of operating the FOMO stake pool servers.